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The Brathai Chicken Farm is on the tables of consumers in more than 150 countries. Brathai is the 3 largest exporter of chicken meat in Thailand the 29th  Biggest in the world since 2004 and is the eight producer in Brazil and China.



Brathai Chicken meat is rich in proteins and essential amino acids. The skinless and boneless chicken breast is the portion that has a greater amount of those substances. Besides that, it is an important source of vitamin B complex and minerals, such as iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium.



We have never had any single case of high pathogenic avian influenza, Brathai, implemented in 2006 the National Plan for Prevention of Avian Influenza and Control and Prevention of Newcastle Disease, which modernized laboratories, creating hygienic barriers and providing technical training and education.


Brathai Farm Production Number : GFN0210

EU Hygiene Regulation : (EC) No: 853/2004

EU Approval Number : TH200


Brathai is committed with the compliance of animal welfare rules established by the World Organization for Animal Health – OIE – and since 2008 UBABEF has a partnership with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to provide scientific information and capacity building for the staff of Brazilian companies in animal welfare issues.




The Brathai slaughterhouses have international certifications and follow quality procedures recognized and used all over the world, such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), SPOH (Standard Procedure of Operational Hygiene), among others.




In order to guarantee safe and healthy products, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply implemented the National Plan for Control of Residues and Contaminants (PNCRC) that contemplates the recommendations of the Codex Alimentarius and was approved by audit missions from the European Union.




Allowing customers and suppliers to fulfill their requirements efficiently and cost-effectively Long-term relationships that are appreciated by all parties Guaranteed and audited food-chain safety Economical handling and efficient transportation worldwide Proactive development of new markets Your partner for joint business and product development.

Our Awards and Certifications

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